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Bomb Pop Shot: Rocket Pop Shot Recipe

Looking for a patriotic Fourth of July drink? Why not try this red, white, and blue shot recipe! It’s simple to make and perfect for enjoying with friends. This layered shot is often called a bomb pop shot or a Rocket pop shot because it looks just like the iconic ice pops that we all love in the summer. 

Rocket Pop Shot Ingredients 


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Why you’ll love this Red, White and Blue Shot

Fourth of July is an important day in the United States.

It is a national holiday and the official start of summer. To celebrate, many people like to cook and eat patriotic food. This normally means things in the traditional colors of red, white and blue. 

This fun bomb pop shot is perfect for serving at your July 4th cookout or party. 

How Do You Layer A Bomb Pop?

rocket pop shot recipe

It’s all about the layering. A layered shot like this Bomb pop shot requires a steady hand and a little bit of skill. It can be a bit nerve-wrecking to pour this shot but the looks of admiration when you serve it to guests will be well worth it. 

The layering process begins by pouring the first ingredient into the shot glass then carefully layering another liquid on top with no spillage between them so they can’t mix together. You need to be patient to let each layer settle before you move to the next one. 

 I use a bartender spoon to help with this part of the pouring process but you can use a teaspoon and some even use the side of a butter knife.

Rocket Pop Shot Ingredients 

Rocket Pop Shot Ingredients 

Here are the Bomb Pop Shot Ingredients you will need.

  • Grenadine
  • Hard Lemonade (or Vodka and regular lemonade)
  • Blue Curacao

The great thing about this shot is all you need are shot glasses and a spoon if you need it. 

If you don’t have hard lemonade, you can add 1 shot of vodka to a cup of lemonade and this will make around 5-8 shots. 

How To Make A Bomb Pop Shot

Step 1:Pour the Grenadine

Rocket Pop Shot

Your first layer is the Grenadine, nice and easy. 

Step 2: Second layer

Rocket Pop Shot

Slowly pour the Blue Curacao into the shot glass using a bartender spoon or a teaspoon to guide and aid in the pouring of this level. Set the glass aside for a few minutes to let it settle before pouring the next layer. 

Step 3: 

Slowly pour the lemonade again using a bartender spoon to assist.  


bomb pop shot recipe


Rocket Pop Shot Ingredients 
Yield: 1

Rocket Pop Shot

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

Celebrate in style with these bomb pop shots that taste amazing and look just like the popsicle we all know and love.


  • Blue Curacao
  • Grenadine
  • Hard Lemonade


  1. Fill the shot glass one third of the way with grenadine
  2. Next, slowly pour 1 part Blue Curacao into your shot glass. Let it settle before moving on
  3. Finally top your shot glass with lemonade and let it settle before serving


If you don't have hard lemonade, you can add vodka to regular lemonade. 1 oz per cup of lemonade works well or add it until you get the desired taste you want.

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bomb pop shot

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