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22 Delicious Fall Whiskey Cocktails

The smokey taste of rye and bourbon lend themselves to the fall whiskey cocktails below so much so that you will be longing for cool, crisp weather all year round. 

If you love fall flavors such as pumpkin, apple and cinnamon, then get ready for the best fall cocktails you have ever tried. 

From pumpkin spice to spiked apple cider, this list of 21 fall inspired cocktail is sure to be a hit throughout sweater season!

fall whiskey cocktails


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Pumpkin Spice Cocktail For Fall


The Best Fall Whiskey Cocktails 

I’ve separated this list into two sections – fall whiskey cocktails and fall Bourbon cocktails but to be honest, in most cases they are interchangable. 

You can use Bourbon, Rye or Scotch in most of recipes without worrying about a significant change in flavors although I chose to separate the fall Bourbon cocktails for anyone who has a specific preference. 

What Is the difference between whiskey and bourbon?

All bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon. 

While all whiskeys are made from distilled grains, according to The American Bourbon Association a whiskey needs to be made in the USA and distilled from grains that are at least 50% corn in order to be classed as a bourbon. 

Many people feel that bourbon has a slightly sweeter taste that rye or scotch. 

Fall Whiskey Cocktails

1. Pumpkin Spice Cocktail

Maple syrup and pumpkin spice make this one of my favorite fall signature cocktails. 

pumpkin spice cocktail


2. Whiskey Blood Orange Smash from Saporito Kitchen

whiskey cocktail for fall


3. Maple Whiskey Sour 

This Maple Cider Whiskey Sour is a timeless classic with an autumnal twist.

What a perfect cocktail to serve your guests during Thanksgiving festivities and throughout the winter. 

maple whiskey sour cocktail


4. Honey Pumpkin Whiskey Smash from Hunger, Thirst, Play

The perfect blend of sweet honey and toasty whiskey blended with the creamy taste of pumpkin and a surprise, subtle pop of mint. Honey pumpkin whiskey smash takes the traditional cocktail and gives it the perfect fall twist!


5. Cranberry Whiskey Sour from Family Around The Table

Cranberries are a classic fall/winter fruit and their addition in this whiskey sour makes it the perfect fall cocktail. 

fall cocktail recipes


6. Cinnamon Apple Cider Cocktail from Abundance Of Flavor

Refreshing and sweet, a Festive Cinnamon Apple Cocktail is the ultimate comfort drink for when the weather gets cool.

Fall whiskey cocktails


7. Toronto Sour from Food Worth Feed

This Cynar old fashioned has a long herbaceous finish. The addition of amaro in this classic cocktail makes it the perfect after dinner sipper to help settle the stomach.

Fall Whiskey cocktails


8. Apple Cider Cocktail from Chisel and Fork

This drink is one of my fall signature cocktails as it combines all the flavors of autumn into a glass of deliciousness. 

fall signature cocktails


9. Orange Pomegranate Manhattan from Beyond Mere Sustenance

This Orange Pomegranate Manhattan is perfect for crisp nights by the fire.

It includes the traditional whiskey (bourbon or rye) and red vermouth, but gets a modern twist with the addition of pomegranate molasses and orange bitters.

fall bourbon cocktails


10. Apple Pie Cocktail from The Toasty Kitchen

If you love fall cocktails with apple cider, you will really enjoy this apple pie cocktail made with whiskey and cider. 

fall cocktails with apple cider



11. Fall Spiced Old Fashioned from Recipes From A Pantry

This cinnamon spiced old fashioned is the perfect fall whiskey cocktail to enjoy throughout the season. 

classic fall cocktails


12. Spiked Apple Cider from The Anthony Kitchen

Fill the house with the welcoming, sweet scent of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and orange, and have ready the spiced rum, bourbon, or whiskey on stand-by for spiking. There’s not a more delicious way to ring in the holidays than with a cozy cup of this Spiked Apple Cider in hand!

spiked apple cider for fall


13. Whiskey Maple Syrup Cocktail

This comforting maple syrup cocktail is perfect for the fall. 

Maple syrup cocktail

Fall Bourbon Cocktails

14. Bourbon apple cider cocktail from Saporito Kitchen

This delicious drink can be served either hot or cold making it perfect for fall!

Bourbon cocktail recipe


15. Apple Cider Whiskey Slushie from Homebody Eats

These apple cider whiskey slushies are the perfect fall cocktail! This frozen alcoholic slush recipe is filled with apple cider, bourbon, and ginger beer.

Fall Bourbon Cocktails

16. Apple Cider Old Fashioned from Burrata and Bubbles

Put a fall twist to a classic cocktail. This apple cider old fashioned is the perfect cozy cocktail for the season

Fall cocktails

17. Sparking Fall Sangria from Thirst, Eat Play

Flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg swirled with apple cider, warming bourbon, and crisp prosecco make for fall cocktail perfection!

Fall bourbon cocktail


18. Frozen Bourbon Apple Cider Slushie from Cook A Home Mom

Simple fall ingredients make this frozen Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail absolutely delicious!

Apple cider, bourbon, chai tea, and almond milk are blended together to make this easy frozen slushie cocktail!

Make it for your next holiday party or get-together. Trust me, this is the best, most delicious drink you’ll have all fall!

classic fall cocktails


19. Toasty Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail from Fresh Simple Home

Cranberries and cinnamon make this a classic fall cocktail to enjoy this autumn. 

fall signature cocktails


20. Pumpkin Kentucky Mule from Beyond Mere Sustenance

This is one of my favorite fall inspired cocktails! If you love pumpkin cocktails then you have to try this one. 

pumpkin cocktails


21. Apple & Orange Bourbon Sour from Straight To The Hips, Baby

A bourbon sour with all the fall scents you love! This Apple & Orange Bourbon Sour with Allspice Simple Syrup will bring the taste of autumn home!

classic fall cocktails


Fall Bourbon cocktails


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