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50 + Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Making spooky Halloween cocktails is one of my favorite things to do in the fall.

There are so many easy Halloween cocktails that you can make that will look amazing on your Halloween drink menu. 

We always host a family Halloween party and like to serve some classy Halloween cocktails for the adults along with some fun spooky “mocktails” for the kids. 

In the list below you will find something for everyone.

I have separated the list of Halloween drinks by type of alcohol and also added a few categories for specific color cocktails that you might be looking for (maybe you need something to match your Halloween costume?). 

Of course, you don’t have to keep these concoctions just for the 31 October.

They work well at any time of year for themed parties or even as regular cocktails with a few changes. 

Halloween cocktail recipes

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Pumpkin Spice Cocktail For Fall

Blackberry Vodka Cocktail Recipe

Jello Shots

We have lots of fun Halloween Jello shots for you to choose from! 

Click through to this list to see all of our recipes but here are some of our favorites: 

Graveyard Jello Shots

These jello shots can be made with or without rum for a treat every little ghost can enjoy!

Halloween jello shots with rum


Jack Skellington Jello Shots

How awesome are these gholuishly white jello shots?

Jack Skellington Jello Shots

Halloween Cocktails With Vodka

Halloween cocktails

There are tons of great Halloween themed cocktails with vodka as it is so versatile and you can turn your cocktail into whatever colour you want. 

1. Witches Brew Cocktail Recipe

This witches brew cocktail recipe is a bright blue colour that looks amazing in a pitcher or martini glass. 

witches brew cocktail recipe


2. Green Halloween Sangria

Get your spooky on with this easy and fun Green Halloween cocktail!

This fun colored punch is perfect for a crowd and is flavored with limoncello and apple, then topped off with some lychee eyeballs!

green Halloween cocktail


3. Zombie Brains Cocktail from Burrata and Bubbles

Let’s get extra spooky with this Zombie Brains cocktail!

It will put you in the Halloween spirit and get you ready for the zombie apocalypse in no time.

Halloween cocktail with vodka

4. Drunk In The Graveyard Martini from Chelsea PeachTree

Drink your dessert with this delicious graveyard martini.

Made with Oreos, chocolate liquor and triple sec, this cocktail is as spooky as it can get

spooky Halloween cocktails

5. Toxic Spawn Martini from Mom Foodie

This Toxic Spawn Martini (the spawn is made from chia seeds) is perfect for witch or mad scientist themed Halloween parties.

green Halloween cocktails


6. Glow In The Dark Cocktails from Ann’s Entitled Life

These glow-in-the-dark cocktail recipes are perfect for a Halloween party! F

ollow the step-by-step directions to make a tasty, spooky cocktail!

glow in the dark cocktails


7. Demon Juice Halloween Cocktail from Crayons and Cravings

This citrus and sour apple Demon Juice Halloween Cocktail has a powerful punch that will pucker your lips and leave you begging for more.

best Halloween cocktails

8. Poison Apple Cocktail 

Channel your inner witch this Halloween and serve a delicious Poisoned Apple Cocktail to your guests!

Snow White Poison Apple Cocktail Recipe

9. Spider Web Halloween Cocktail from Amanda’s Cooking

The neat spider webs on this drink make it perfect for any Halloween drink menu. 

horror cocktails

10. Candy Corn Martini from The Short Order Cook

This is one of those classic Halloween cocktails that looks amazing and tastes great too.

Even if you are not a fan of candy corn, you can’t help but be impressed by the beautiful layers made with this drink. 

Classic Halloween Cocktails

11. Dead Man’s Kiss Black Cocktail from This Mama Cooks

Seeking spooky black cocktails for your Halloween party?

Then mix up a Dead Man’s Kiss, a spooky black cocktail recipe your guests will swoon over!

This eerie Halloween cocktail involves making black vodka from scratch.

black vodka cocktail

12. Maleficent Halloween Cocktail from The Soccer Mom Blog

This cocktail actually shimmers thanks to the edible cake shimmer. 

Purple Halloween Cocktail


13. Creepy Purple Cocktail Potion For Halloween

This purple potion is an easy Halloween cocktail that tastes great too! 

purple potion cocktail


14. Wicked Witch Cocktail

This iridescent green cocktail is the perfect easy Halloween cocktail. 

Wicked Witch Cocktail

15. Purple People Eater Cocktail from Wow It’s Veggie

This purple cocktail is so easy to make and is perfect for your Halloween cocktail list. 

easy Halloween Cocktails


16. The Frankenstein Drink – Green Halloween Cocktail

This green shot is perfect for Halloween and it tastes amazing! 

Green Halloween Cocktail


17. The Beetlejuice Cocktail – A Spooky Halloween Drink

This drink is named after the famous movie and really packs a punch. 

Beetlejuice cocktail


18. Easy Vodka Test Tube Shots

Test tube shots are a fantastic way to serve some fun shots up at Halloween.

These ones are smeared with red food coloring to make a “blood” scene inside the test tubes. 

Vodka Test Tube shots

Halloween Gin Cocktails

19. The Red Spectre – Spooky Halloween Gin Cocktail

This spooky twist on a gin and tonic is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your Halloween party. 

Halloween Gin and tonic

20. Blueberry Gin Mojito

This blueberry gin mojito makes the perfect Halloween gin cocktail – it looks just like a magical purple potion. 

blueberry gin mojito

Halloween Rum Cocktails

21. Poisoned Orchard Cocktail from Burrata and Bubbles

With the bewitching hour upon us, this Poisoned Orchard cocktail is the perfect drink to get into a spooky spirit.

Halloween Rum Cocktail

22. Candy Corn Cocktail from Chelsea PeachTree

Who says tropical cocktails are only for the fall?

This cocktail may look like the classic candy corn candy, but is full of tropical flavors. 

Halloween rum cocktail


23. Jack O’Lantern Cocktail 

This fun drink is easy to make and delicious! 

Jack O' Lantern Cocktail

24. Hocus Pocus Cocktail

This bright green Halloween rum cocktail is perfect for serving at any of your festive gatherings. 

hocus pocus witches brew


25. Halloween Zombie Cocktail from Dish “n” The Kitchen

If you love Tiki drinks and tropical rum cocktails, this zombie drink is the one for you. 

zombie cocktails


26. Dracula’s Blood Cocktail from The Kitchen Is My Playground

Grenadine and cherry make this a great horror cocktail for a Halloween party. 

Horror cocktails for Halloween


Halloween Whiskey Cocktails

27. The Gravedigger from The Boulder Locavore

The Grave Digger Cocktail can be quickly made up for a crowd or for solo sipping for a ghoulishly good time!

This Halloween cocktail is a refreshing, fizzy fall cocktail perfect for celebrating.

Halloween whiskey cocktail


28. Halloween Old Fashioned from Freutcake

A traditional old fashioned made with rye or bourbon gets a twist in this Halloween cocktail recipe. 

Halloween Old Fashioned cocktail

29. Haunted Graveyard Cocktail

This deliciously woody Bourbon cocktail is perfect for your next Halloween party. 

Haunted Graveyard cocktail

Halloween Cocktails With Tequila

30. Gravedigger Halloween Cocktails from Confetti and Bliss

These Gravedigger Halloween cocktail features tequila.

They’re a delicious hair-raising toast to the Halloween season!

Halloween tequila cocktails


31. Kiwano Margarita from Family Spice

The Kiwano is a spooky fruit that makes a great halloween margarita due to its spiky appearance and colorful insides. 

Halloween cocktails with tequila


32. Black Widow Margarita from 2 Cookin Mamas

This blackberry margarita is perfect for serving at Halloween. 

spooky Halloween Cocktails


Halloween Wine Cocktails

The truth, some of the best spooky Halloween cocktails are made with red wine.

After all, you can almost imagine Dracula sipping a nice glass of Pinot Noir after a hard night of vampiring. 

Below are some easy Halloween cocktails made with red or white wine. 

33. Spiked Toxic Tonic from Ottawa Mommy Club

These spooky drinks are easy Halloween cocktails and look amazing at any kind of party. 

Halloween wine cocktails


34. Red Apple Cider Sangria from Chocolate Moosey

Nothing is more ghoulish that a dark red drink for Halloween and this red apple cider is just the ticket!

easy Halloween cocktails

35. Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail from Seduction In The Kitchen

This blood red cocktail is made with tart cherry juice and red wine. 

red wine Halloween cocktail

Halloween Cocktails with Champagne

36. Bloody Mimosas 

A bloody twist on a classic, this spooky cocktail is perfect for Halloween brunch! Made in under 5 minutes, it will give all your guests a fright!

Vampire Kiss shots

37. Fiendish Fizz from Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy

There is a kids (non-alcoholic) version of this cocktail too if you want to give them something fancy to drink. 

Halloween cocktail with champagne

Halloween Punch Recipes

38. Spooky Spiked Punch from Conservamom

This Halloween punch recipe is perfect if you are catering a crowd this Halloween. 

Halloween Punch Recipe


39. Witch’s Brew from Muy Bueno Cook

This sangria is perfect for a crowd. You can serve it in a cauldron for an extra spooky feel this Halloween. 

Halloween sangria punch

40. Witches Brew Tequila Punch from Grits and Pinecones

Dry ice makes this punch look extra spooky. 

tequila Halloween punch recipe


41. Candy Corn Punch 

This delicious 3-ingredient punch can easily be made into a non-alcoholic treat for all your Halloween party guests to enjoy. 

How to garnish a Halloween punch


More Halloween Themed Cocktails

41. Black Fog Cocktail from In The Kitch

Dark as the night, this black fog cocktail contains the rich, malty taste of Guinness with the sweetness of raspberry liqueur.

With Halloween just around the corner, this drink is very fitting to serve alongside some spooky decorations.

Horror cocktails

42. Slippery Zombie Brains Cocktail from Mom Foodie

Slippery Zombie Brains is a delicious easy to make shot that will be a hit this Halloween.

It is made with Sambuca and Irish Cream. 

43. Smoking Skull Halloween Cocktails from Windy City Dinner Fairy

This spooky green Halloween cocktail is made with Cocolero which is a South American herbal spirit. 

green Halloween cocktails


Halloween Shot Recipes 

44. Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot Recipe

This scary looking shot is so easy to make and tastes surprisingly good! 

Alien Brain Hemorrhage shot recipe

45. Bleeding Heart Halloween Shots from With A Blast

These creepy looking shots only contain 2 ingredients and can be made in minutes. 

Halloween shot recipes

46. Zombie Brain Hemorrhage Shot

Another take on the Brain hemorrhage shot, the Zombie uses Creme de Menthe for the green hue. 

Zombie brain hemorrhage shot


47.  Brain Damage Shot Recipe

You only need 3 ingredients to make this bloody looking shot. 

brain damage shot

Halloween Mocktails 

If you love Halloween mocktails, make sure to check out my list of 13 Non-Alcoholic Halloween Punch Recipes including the ones below: 

48. Green Witch Halloween Punch from Food Meanderings

This green non-alcoholic Halloween Punch is the perfect Halloween potluck or witch themed party recipe, especially for kids! It has key lime Sherbert, soda pop, chocolate cookie witch hats, marshmallow licorice brooms and candy eyes. It’s a kid’s dream come true

Green Halloween punch


49. Candy Corn Milkshake from Baking Beauty

While this isn’t strictly a mocktail, milkshakes are always popular with kids and this candy corn milkshake recipe is perfect for a Halloween drink menu if you want something non-alcoholic and fun. 

Halloween mocktails


50. Creepy Shirley Temple from Boulder Locavore

A Shirley Temple drink is the sweet, fizzy mocktail that always perks up a party.

Throw in a few well-placed props and this creepy version of the beloved drink will make your Halloween party a favorite!

Halloween mocktails


51. Polyjuice Punch from Baking Beauty

This refreshing frothy beverage will transport you into the Wizarding World.

Super easy only 5 ingredients!

Halloween mocktails

52. Spooky Black Milkshake Recipe

This milkshake can be made with or without alcohol and it looks so creepy!

halloween milkshake

Green Halloween Cocktails

If you are looking for some great green Halloween cocktails, here are my personal favorites:

The Frankenstein Drink – Green Halloween Cocktail

Green Halloween Sangria from Slow The Cook Down

Toxic Spawn Martini from Mom Foodie

Poisoned Apple Cocktail from Cooking With Curls

Melting Witch Punch from Food Meanderings (Non-alcoholic punch recipe)

Gravedigger Halloween Cocktails from Confetti and Bliss

Polyjuice Punch from Baking Beauty

Smoking Skull Halloween Cocktails from Windy City Dinner Fairy

Hocus Pocus Cocktail from Simplistically Living

Purple Halloween Cocktails

Creepy Purple Cocktail Potion For Halloween

Maleficent Halloween Cocktail from The Soccer Mom Blog

Blueberry Gin Mojito

Purple People Eater Cocktail from Wow It’s Veggie

More Cocktail Recipe Ideas

Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail

Ultimate Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe

Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe – The Classic Cocktail

Spooky Halloween Cocktails

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