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48 Pretty Pink Bridal Shower Drinks

If you are a fan of pink cocktails, you will love the pink bridal shower drinks on this list!

From Pink alcoholic drinks with vodka to classics like the Pink Lady and some fun pink gin recipe, you will be seeing the World with rose-colored spectacles after sipping a few of these beverages. 

I love pink cocktails for baby showers, bridal events and of course, they make fantastic Valentine’s Day drinks. 

In the list below you will find over 45 amazing pink bridal shower drinks that would be perfect for any occasion or celebration. 

pink cocktail recipes

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The Best Pink Bridal Shower Drinks pink bridal shower drinks

The classic pink cocktail is the Cosmopolitan but there are so many more out there.

If you are looking for something pretty and girly to serve at a shower or wedding event, you can’t go wrong with the cocktails on this list. 

We’re put together some of the best pink bridal shower drinks that anyone can make at home. 

48 Pink Bridal Shower Drinks

The pink alcoholic drinks below come in all different shades of pink.

From hot pink drinks that will wow any party to romantic rose colored creations that are great for your next brunch or cocktail party,

Click through each photo for the detailed recipe and all the ingredients for these pink bridal shower drinks.

Why You’ll Love These Pink Bridal Shower Recipes

 It’s always fun to mix things up and try new drinks, so I hope this blog post has helped with your next cocktail night!

Let me know in the comments which pink cocktail is your favorite!

Are Pink Cocktails Only For Girls?

Pink drinks are traditionally associated with girls, but the color of these cocktails is the only thing that makes them feminine. 

Some of them really pack a punch that will have the most heavy weight guy on the floor after a couple. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these delicious pink cocktail recipes! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.