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37 Easy Green Cocktails For St Patrick’s day

Looking for easy green cocktails to make for St Patrick’s Day or Halloween?? These delicious green drinks deliver!

Whether you are looking for shooters or martinis, we have tons of options for you in this post. 

Take your pick from this list of delicious beverages that range from the classic to the outrageous. 

 Whether it’s a twist on a classic margarita or a decadent dessert like grasshopper, you’ll love these green cocktail recipes for any occasion. 

Read on for 37 of the best green cocktails that you make at home. 

easy green cocktails


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37 Easy Green Cocktails 

Whether you are looking for green cocktails for St Patricks Day, Halloween or Christmas, you will find an amazing selection in the list below.

Just click each link to get the recipe and all the details.

1. Green Hawaiian Cocktail Recipe

green hawaiian

This delicious variation of the classic blue Hawaiian cocktail is fruity and tasty. 

2. The Frankenstein Drink

green drink for Halloween

This green Halloween cocktail also makes a fantastic St Patrick’s day beverage too!

3. Green Tea Shot Recipe

green tea shot recipe

These green tea shots don’t actually contain any tea – they jus look like it, hence the name!

4. The Tipsy Mermaid

Tipsy Mermaid Cocktail

This Tipsy Mermaid Martini is the perfect drink to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or any holiday.

It’s one of my favorite Ocean Themed Cocktails

5. Sparkling Shamrock Cocktail 

Sparkling Shamrock cocktail

If you love champagne, then the Sparkling Shamrock is for you! 

6. Classic Mojito

classic green cocktails

The Mojito (a Cuban classic) is a refreshing mix of rum, simple syrup (or sugar), fresh lime juice, mint leaves, and bubbly club soda. Learn how to make a Mojito and enjoy this simple and delicious 5-minute cocktail all year long.

7. Cucumber Jalapeno Lime Margarita

green cocktails

Tequila lovers will adore this cucumber-jalapeño margarita! The cucumber makes for one ultra refreshing cocktail with the perfect kick of spice.

8. Scooby Doo Shots – Melon Liqueur Shots

Scooby snack shot

The Scooby Doo shot is a great shot if you love the taste of melon. You can make it bright green or more of a teal color depending on the ingredients you use. 

9. Cucumber Mojito

cucumber mojito green cocktail

This sparkling rum cocktail is made with a fresh mint syrup, cucumber, lime juice and sugar water. It’s a bright and delicious refreshment!

10. Green Sangria

green sangria

Get your spooky on with this easy and fun Green Halloween Sangria! It would also be perfect for St Patricks day (minue the spiders!)

This fun colored punch is perfect for a crowd and is flavored with limoncello and apple, then topped off with some lychee eyeballs!

11. Lemoncello Gin Cocktail

lemoncello green cocktail with gin

 Refreshing and delicious, this easy four-ingredient cocktail is made with sweet Limoncello, gin, lime juice, and fresh thyme. Easy enough to serve individually or prepared into a large batch

12. Matcha Margarita with a Matcha Salted Rim

green margarita recipe

The classic margarita cocktail has been given a fresh, vibrant green glow-up with the addition of matcha powder and a matcha salted rim!

This Matcha Margarita recipe is a delicious, herbaceous twist that is easy to make and easier to drink!

13. The Shamrock Cocktail

how to make a cocktail for St Patrick's day

Here’s another fantastic St Patrick’s Day cocktail recipe that is tasty and look delicious. If you want to go beyond green beer, this is your drink! 

14. Melon Sherbet Cocktail

melon sherbet cocktail

Midori and cream flavor this classic and fun cocktail that is perfect for St Patrick’s day or your holiday drink menu. 

15. James and the Giant Shamrock

James And The Giant Shamrock

If you want to wow your guests this St Patrick’s Day, look no further than the delicious James and the Giant Shamrock. 

This easy to make whiskey cocktail is just the thing for celebrating everything Irish,

16. Lime Margarita Jello Shots

lime margarita jello shots


These bright green Jello Shots are the perfect way to celebrate!

You can use the recipe for any holiday that calls for a bright green shot!

17. Oscar’s Folly Cocktail Recipe

green cocktails

This vibrantly layered Irish whiskey cocktail celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day in all of its glory.

18. St Patrick’s Day Pudding Shots

green pudding shots

Irish cream liqueur and pistachio pudding make the most tasty and festive shots. These are fantastic for any occasion especially when something fun, tasty, and green is festive

19.  Grasshopper Cocktail

How to make a grasshopper cocktail

This decadent treat is almost like a dessert!

20. After Eight Cocktail

after eight cocktail

If you are looking for a fun green cocktail recipe, you will love this one! It’s a tasty mint drink that tastes like everyones favorite after dinner chocolate. 

21. Frozen Melonball Cocktail

green cocktail recipe

This updated take on a classic fun cocktail is perfect for your next party or get together!

22. Dirty Girl Scout

Dirty Girl Scout Shot Recipe

We all love the peppermint cookies from the girl scouts so why not turn them into a delicious cocktail?

23. Honeydew Melon Margarita

honey dew green cocktail

24. Matcha Gin Fizz

matcha gin fizz

This matcha cocktail is a riff off the typical gin fizz. A light, refreshing cocktail with an earthy matcha aftertaste! A healthy, low calorie cocktail option.

25. Cucumber Vodka Elderflower Cocktail

cucumber martini


If you love refreshing green cocktails, you will love the Elderflower Cucumber Martini. 

Its pretty pale green hue is like spring in a glass!

26. Lucky Leprechaun Shot

Lucky Leprechaun shot

27. Zesty Kiwi Jalapeño Margarita Cocktail

Zesty Kiwi Jalapeño Margarita Cocktail

This kiwi jalapeno margarita cocktail is a tasty, colourful cocktail.

This is a spicy, zesty margarita recipe served in a chile rimmed glass that any margarita lover should try!

28. Green Juice Margarita

Green Juice Margarita

This tasty Green Cocktail combines my two favorite things: margaritas and green juice! Its an earthy, tangy and superfood-y cocktail containing tequila and Cointreau.

29. Franken-rita

green margarita

How’s this for a frighteningly fun party trick – Mix up a fruity combination of tequila, pineapple juice and blue curaçao and watch this fruity margarita turn colors right before your eyes.

30. Lucky Leprechaun Mimosa

Leprechaun Mimosa

If you are a fan of bubbles, you will love the Lucky Leprechaun! It’s perfect for celebrating St Patrick’s Day in style. 

31. Green Jungle Juice

green cocktails

This green jungle juice is a potent elixir of rum, Curaçao, club soda, orange juice, and lemon juice.

Mix all ingredients and garnish with neat strawberry and orange slices for a colorful display.

32. Lucky Mexican Cocktail

Irish Tequila Drink

This fun tequila cocktail makes a great afternoon pick me up and is one of the most refreshing green cocktails on this list. 

33. Spicy Cucumber Margarita

Spicy cucumber margarita

If you love a good spicy margarita, then you have to try this recipe that uses cucumber and fresh basil.

A little bit sweet and a little bit spicy, this margarita on the rocks is super tasty!

34. Green Spiked Hot Chocolate

green spiked hot chocolate

Keep warm during the holidays with a Naughty or Nice Grinch Hot Chocolate!

Each family member gets to choose how to “flavor” their drink, vanilla vodka and peppermint schnapps, or peppermint syrup!

35. Incredible Hulk Drink

Incredible Hulk drink


The Incredible Hulk comprises just two ingredients, Hypnotiq and cognac.

How much green food colouring you want to use for it to match the green giant is up to you.

36. Poisoned Apple Cocktail

Snow White Poison Apple Cocktail Recipe

With the creepy eyeball, this is one  deliciously festive Halloween cocktail!

This Poisoned Apple Cocktail is a bit tart, has a slight kick, and is perfect for Halloween or a snow white themed party.

37. Civil War Vision Cocktail

green cocktail recipes

This Caribbean Breeze Cocktail is a light cocktail featuring melon liquor and coconut rum.

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Best Green cocktails

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